Learning the Key Fundamentals of Web Design

The most common problems faced by first-timers during the web development process are time management and technology stack selection. Other issues are scalability and working with a team. This article provides tips on overcoming the most common problems faced by new website development companies during the web development process. Read on to find out how to solve them! We will also touch on the most important topics, like choosing the right technology stack and time management.


Most designers track their time on a spreadsheet or notepad, but there are other ways to track your progress. Time tracking can help you understand where your time is going and where you’re frequently interrupted. You can also use online time management tools like TimeClipper or RescueTime to track your progress. Whether you want to save time or stay organized, tracking your time will allow you to do both.

Choosing a technology stack:

Choosing a technology stack for your web development project may seem daunting, but there are many factors to consider. These factors can range from personal preferences and current trends to the skills you have already mastered. Your first experience with a certain technology is a good starting point, but personal preference alone does not make a technology stack optimal for your project. If you are not an experienced web developer, you may consider hiring a third party to build your web application.


One of the most crucial features of a website is its ability to scale. Its ability to cope with a growth in the workload can be measured by the ratio of performance increases to the resources used. In other words, scalability means adding more resources while keeping the central node intact. Adding more resources results in a slight boost in performance, but after a certain threshold, the additional resources have no effect. Another related concept is recovery from failure.

Working with a team:

If you are a first-time web developer, you probably already know some of the problems that can occur when working on a team. One of the biggest is that you might not have the experience necessary to communicate with other team members. A first-time developer will have to be very flexible in their approach, which is important for the project’s success. To be successful, you’ll need to learn to collaborate with other team members.