Five Traits Of Successful Travel Agents in Canada & Around the World

If you’ve ever wondered how travel agents can succeed, there are a few key traits you must possess. These characteristics are customer service, patience, passion, and authenticity. You’ll have no trouble building a thriving business if you possess these qualities. And if you can add these to your personal qualities, you’ll be on your way to being a top agent. Read on for more information!

Customer service

As a travel agent in Canada, you need excellent customer service skills. This includes good communication and selling skills. You must also be able to prioritize your tasks and handle pressure, particularly during busy periods. Customer service is an important component of selling travel, as it is essential for your customers to feel they are being properly catered to. Regardless of the type of travel you offer, customer service is essential to the success of any travel business.


Patience is one of the most important traits for a travel agent. Most people think they don’t need more patience, but this trait is essential in the field. It is very important to remember that there is no such thing as too much patience and that a customer may have no additional questions. In addition, you should be patient enough not to overload your customers with too many questions. Generally, a pushy salesperson won’t be tolerated.


You’ll need to be passionate about your business as a travel agent. Even if your booking process went perfectly, you might discover a problem. You can become your clients’ advocate by taking their concerns to travel insurance underwriters or airlines. You’ll also need to be able to prioritize multiple tasks and cope with pressure. Above all, you need to have empathy. The more you understand your clients, the more likely you’ll be able to help them.


Authenticity is important in travel. When you are authentic, clients pick up on it right away. This means that you aren’t simply pushing a particular product. Rather, you have experienced the accommodations and services you recommend. Authenticity is one of the best traits of successful travel agents.


The knowledge that a generalist brings to a business is vast, which helps them spot connections that specialists would miss. A generalist’s high EQ can help them interact with various people. Because of this, they are also better at building relationships and tend to have more diverse interests than a specialist. As a result, they are a valuable asset to any company.


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